Increíble servicio de asesoría, mucha dedicación para cuidar cada detalle de la postulación. Mi asesora hizo todo lo que estaba a su alcance para ayudarme con la postulación y para buscar soluciones a los apretados plazos que tenía para el proceso completo (considerando que el contexto actual de pandemia hace todo más lento en los visados y las cuarentenas al llegar tampoco ayudan mucho).

Si alguien quiere venir a estudiar a UK, Across the Pond es quien puede hacer más amigable todo este arduo proceso... 100% recomendado. Sin su apoyo, no estaría comenzando el Master en Logística y Supply Chain Management en Cranfield University.

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Before coming to Cranfield I was working as a design engineer in an aerospace startup company in Mexico. Cranfield’s Aerospace Vehicle Design program is unique in its practical approach and the very high quality of projects it takes on. During my MSc in Cranfield I designed a concept for an Ekranoplan, a topic I also had a great interest in.

The combination of taught modules and the practical group design project at Cranfield was a fascinating experience which lead to great results and immense amounts of learning in a very short period of time. I was very impressed with Cranfield’s facilities and the incredibly knowledgeable staff always willing to help. Also, the multicultural atmosphere unique to Cranfield gives you the chance to grow personally and professionally, you feel ready to take on any job around the globe.

Cranfield’s facilities allow you to work around the clock with excellent equipment and good levels of comfort. The international atmosphere is unique and vibrant, I made many great friends from every corner of the planet, which I value greatly. 

I can fully recommend Cranfield programmes due to their high quality and unique approach, as well as the amount of doors it opens for future career opportunities.

I am now a PhD student at Cranfield University. My research area is conceptual design optimisation of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Before joining Cranfield I was a mechanical engineer at GE Aviation in Mexico working on new aero and industrial gas turbine engines. During my BSc several of my lecturers worked in the aerospace industry. Given this fact I became aware of the challenging nature of being an engineer in such a field. This sparked my interest to study and work in this field to be at the vanguard of engineering. Cranfield has a rich history in the field, being highly recognized in the industry. This is the main reason I chose to study Thermal Power at Cranfield.

My time at Cranfield helped me develop a systems-level understanding of an aero-engine and how it integrates to an aircraft. This particularly has had a positive impact in my career since now I work with aircraft systems, and a sound understanding of the function of each system and their interdependability is paramount for providing a successful product. 

I was truly inspired by the level of expertise amassed by all my lecturers. Each and every one of them demonstrated deep domain knowledge and provided interesting views of where the aerospace industry is moving to. Similarly I enjoyed working with one of the most important gas turbine manufacturers on my research part of the course, having full access to the data I needed and support from Cranfield’s researchers. 

Currently I am a lead mechanical engineer working on an electrical load management system for a new long-haul twin-engine aircraft to be launched in 2019. My main responsibilities are designing the casings for electronic units, designing cabinets for high power transmission hardware, analysing their thermal performance and supporting parts manufacture from prototype to production phases.

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